Cowden protocol for ebv

The dosages recommended in the following protocols are for an average size adult that weighs between pounds kilos. Adjust the dosage according to weight; ie. Shake the liquid products well before each use. To ensure the proper dosage, dispense drops by holding the dropper at a 45 degree angle. Mix the liquid products, of each dose, together in a glass, porcelain or paper cup not Styrofoam, plastic or metal then add at least 4 oz.

Do not use distilled, sparkling, or reverse osmosis water. Let sit for at least 1 minute before drinking longer is fine - up to 2 days. The products are most effective when taken in water. The products can be taken directly in the mouth without water, but this should only be done when water is not available.

Adult patients are urged to drink liters or quarts of water per day proportionately less for children based on weight. Drinking large quantities of water even a few times per day does not efficiently hydrate the body nor does it mobilize toxins out of the body. While most herbal teas are hydrating, when too much sugar isadded to herbal teas, they can be dehydrating rather than hydrating; therefore, the best choice ofsweeteners for herbal teas would be Nutramedix STEVIA.

Patients are urged to practice stress reduction techniques deep-breathing while visualizing with all 5 sense a relaxing vacation spot for 4 minutes before each meal and before each bedtime. Patients should be in bed resting whether they fall asleep or not in a pitch-dark bedroom with minimal electro-magnetic pollution, from 11pm to 6 or 7am each night. Patients are urged to eat more raw, organic foods that are NOT genetically-modified and to avoid sugars, excessive starches, processed foods and fried foods.

Avoid all known food allergies. If you are unaware of any food allergies you may have, we recommend avoiding all common food allergens — all cow milk and cow cheese products, all wheat products, all corn products corn oil, corn starch, and corn syruppeanuts and peanut oil most oriental foodssoy products it is a common filler in fast food restaurantsblack pepper, white pepper, sugar may substitute Nutramedix STEVIAcanola oil and hydrogenated oils. Patients who avoid these foods usually improve much faster.

Epstein Barr Virus Causes, Symptoms and 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

If the symptoms still exist by the time of the next scheduled dose of antimicrobial products then skip that one dose. If this happens more than once then consider increasing the dosage every 1 - 2 days instead of every dose. Protocols for Disease Conditions from Wm.

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cowden protocol for ebv

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A Proven Treatment-Cure for Chronic Epsten Barr Virus

Notice that this program was amde by a Chronic EBV sufferer who understood that you cannot go easy on viruses by trying one thing at a time. They have to be overwelmed by a strong combination of powerful natural viral inhibitors.

I compiled this as a service to others as i felt it is a very practical program that worked well. I still have some EBV remaining and will use the above program to kill it off. Good Luck to You, Abdulrahman. Last edited: Sep 3, Highly anecdotal. Anyone can try this, but please do not think this as a cure for all.Richard Horowitz has been treating Lyme and other tick-borne infections for 28 years.

After working in internal medicine, Dr. Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease, was published in Lyme Connection editor Janet Jemmott spoke with him about his view on Lyme and persistent illness.

How has the Lyme community and the public responded? The Lyme community has been great — very supportive. At one point I invited Dr. Gary Wormser to do a Dutchess County conference with me. He accepted, but then the conference was called off.

I spoke about Lyme diagnostic testing and persistence, and also about babesiosis. We are making some progress. People who come to see me who have chronic Lyme disease usually have multiple overlapping factors keeping them ill.

Epstein Barr Virus and Infectious Mononucleosis (pathophysiology, investigations and treatment)

MSIDS is a point model. Infection is then broken down into four different subtypes: bacterial, viral, parasitic, and Candida yeast infections, and many patients have several of these infections simultaneously, keeping them ill. Bacterial infections include Lyme disease and other Borrelia species as well as other tick-borne infections like Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma species, Q fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and Brucella.

I think the Powassan virus is going to be a big problem in the future. We therefore really need to emphasize prevention! Eva Sapi University of New Haven also found filaria organisms in ticks, and Doctor Stephen Fry of Arizona has discovered FL protomyxzoa, which genetically comprises up to eight different parasites. All of these parasites may be present simultaneously. Finally, Candida may play a role in some people who have been on chronic antibiotics.

The health care provider needs to look for all these infections and treat them in a comprehensive manner, or patients will continue to complain of chronic symptoms.

The second part of the MSIDS model, immune dysfunction, is very important because there are often autoimmune manifestations present, due to an overstimulated immune system from Lyme. These people come in with low blood pressure and palpitations, saying they feel tired, dizzy, and with cognitive dysfunction. Clearly, there are autoimmune manifestations, but my clinical experience has proven to me that, chronic, persistent infection is often underlying the process, as autoimmune markers often turn negative with antibiotic treatment.

The third part of the MSIDS model, inflammation, is a key component that underlies many chronic disease states, and helps us to understand persistent symptoms in Lyme disease. During infection, there are molecules secreted called inflammatory cytokines, like tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 1 IL-1interleukin 6 IL-6 as well as interferon gamma. All of these symptoms can be caused by inflammatory cytokines. How else can we reduce inflammation in our body? There are other parts of the MSIDS model that directly impact inflammation, like GI dysfunction with dysbiosis an imbalance of the intestinal bacteriafood allergies, mineral deficiencies, and sleep disorders.

We see a lot of people with food sensitivities to wheat, sugar and dairy. Some of these patients are also gluten sensitive or have celiac disease, and once they balance their intestinal bacteria, eliminate yeast, and get off their sensitive foods, they feel better.

I also see mineral deficiencies, with low levels of iodine, magnesium, and zinc in about 25 percent of the patients who come to see me. Zinc deficiency will cause inflammation. Finally, Lyme patients often suffer from resistant insomnia. Insomnia will cause inflammation, increasing interleukin 6 levels in the body.This post wraps up my Reactivated Epstein-Barr series with a list of natural treatments I use to feel better.

I love this community! In post 1, you can read my full story about non-stop strep as a kid, mono in high school, my mystery low thyroid diagnosis over the past 15 years, and how I never quite felt fully recovered from the mono.

In post 2, you can read why EBV testing can be confusing and see the results from my last four tests. I also give you some pointers on what to ask for with your health practitioner.

In this third post, I want to share what I do to suppress—and hopefully reduce—the Epstein-Barr Virus in my system. At first I was hesitant to share my protocol because every person is different. However, nothing here can harm you either way. If anything, these things will probably make you healthier overall anyway.

As always though, check for possible contraindications before taking anything, and discuss your plan with your healthcare provider if you have a specific medical condition. Remember that there is no one specific prescribed protocol for healing. There are no known prescribed treatments for Epstein-Barr, so my main goal has been to work with my practitioners on natural antiviral treatments that we hope will suppress the virus. Since EBV is a member of the herpes class of viruses, some practitioners use antiviral medication acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir off-label to try to suppress the virus.

After speaking with both my naturopath and functional medicine doctor, both agreed that the possible side effects outweighed the possible treatment for this in my case, so we decided against it. On one hand, I was willing to try anything to suppress the virus.

Since modern medicine does not have any know treatments to fully treat EBV, the only way to know if this stuff works for you is to try it and see how you feel. Another quick note: I buy almost everything else on Amazon, but I never buy supplements on Amazon because many of them are unfortunately counterfeit.

Containers are emptied, filled with lesser-quality product, then resealed and sold. Those plastic sealing machines are cheap and easy to find. Lauricidin is a natural antiviral and helps promote a healthy gut environment, too. I love this product because it not only can help clear any virus you may pick up, but naturally benefits your gut and we all need more of that.

I take one scoop in the morning and one in the evening. It is safe and effective for long-term use. Read the directions and information on their website before taking it.

I am not affiliated with this company.While EBV cannot be fully prevented or cured once someone is infected, there are a number of remedies that can help support your immune system while you overcome the virus. The Epstein Barr virus EBVwhich is also called human herpesvirus 4, is one of eight known herpes viruses that affect humans. Does this mean EBV is a herpesvirus just like herpes simplex 1 or 2? Viruses in the herpes family have similarities, although they cause different symptoms.

Like other herpes viruses, Epstein Barr virus is spread through intimate contact — meaning bodily fluids, primarily saliva, although it can also be passed through blood and semen. So are mono and Epstein Barr the same thing? Mononucleosis is the most common illness caused by EBV, but not the only one. Researchers believe this is especially true of B cells — a type of white blood cell of the immune system that produces antibodies in response to infections and viruses.

What diseases may be caused by Epstein Barr virus? Researchers believe the following conditions are linked to EBV:. Additionally, EBV has been linked to certain types of rare cancers. These include those that affect the lymphatic system. What types of cancer can Epstein Barr virus cause? Given how we now know that EBV can increase the chance of someone developing potentially life-threatening diseases, experts warn that prevention against the virus by strengthening your immune system is more important than ever.

What are the symptoms of Epstein Barr? EBV symptoms typically include: 5. Not everyone will experience severe symptoms due to EBV. Children, for example, tend to have only mild symptoms, while teens and adults usually suffer more. It typically takes about four to six weeks for someone to start experiencing Epstein Barr virus symptoms after they have been infected.

How long do EBV symptoms last? Most people start feeling better after about two to four weeks. Just like with the flu, fatigue can sometimes last longer and linger for weeks while you fully recover.

Even if you feel better after having mono, you can still carry the virus and transmit it to someone else. What are the symptoms of chronic Epstein Barr? For example, is chronic EBV linked to chronic fatigue syndrome? No, although it can be transmitted like certain STIs, such as herpes, simplex 1 or 2. Primary EBV infection usually occurs subclinically during childhood especially in non-industrialized countriesbut the virus establishes a latent infection and affects B lymphocyte production for many years afterwards.

Research suggests that you have a greater risk for becoming infected with EBV and mono if any of these apply to you: 7. There is not one specific Epstein Barr virus test that doctors use to make a diagnosis. Blood tests can also be done to check for certain antibodies and white blood cells that are produced in response to the virus.

How do doctors typically treat Epstein Barr virus symptoms then? EBV treatment usually involves managing symptoms while the virus passes, sometimes with medications to ease pain and discomfort. But antibiotics cannot be given since EBV is a virus and not a bacterial infection.First of all, I have been told by several doctors that I have an incredibly strong immune system.

I think that plays a major part in your recovery; everyone is different. What worked for me, may not work for you. The other factors that one should consider:. Most of you are familiar with the Cowden Protocol. I also used Avea for my mood to override the negative effects of Lariam which included rage and dark thoughts. It was determined by my LLMD and the use of muscle testing that, in my case, a combination of these with other protocols and conventional medicine would work best for me.

This is only part of what my treatment involved. See Disclaimer. And, that some of the conventional antibiotics, for instance, Mepron, are becoming less effective in battling Babesia. Thus, using herbal extracts would seem a must. I begin my day at a. There are also some added suggestions by Dr. Cowden at the end. The effects were very promising. The study in PDF form. I also know that I have been fortunate to receive the necessary treatment.

That is, unfortunately, a hurdle most of us have a hard time clearing. The only suggestion there is to try some of the things that I have done in the past: Use the most basic cable service they have. Stop going out to eat. Make up a list before you go shopping to avoid excessive purchases.

cowden protocol for ebv

Use dial-up instead of DSL this was one of the most infuriating for me because it was just sooooo slow. Collect aluminum and recyclables and turn in for money. Buy generic.

cowden protocol for ebv

A few important things you should consider and take into account as suggested by Dr. Pinella 8 drops can be added to each Burbur or Parsley water if central nervous system Herx is also present brain fog, confusion, headache, etc. I would not use Nutramedix Noni as the sole treatment for a potentially life-threatening acute meningitis or encephalitis nor would it be wise to use any Nutramedix product as the sole treatment for cancer or comparably severe, life-threatening disease.

Dissecting the Cowden Protocolby Jarla, November 25, Hi there.For people with fatigue, swollen lymph glands, or liver dysfunction due to an elevated Epstein-Barr infection by Greg Lee. There is an invasive species vine that can grow a foot in a single day.

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This plant has been able to cover entire forests. It has been called the green plague in the southeastern United States. Oral contact with infected saliva when kissing, drinking from a cup, or mouthing a baby toy can transmit the virus.

EBV has also been linked to autoimmune illness. Lyme disease patients can often show elevated EBV titers. Epstein Barr also has a unique survival strategy. This virus has the ability to take over the intracellular machinery in B cells, make unlimited copies of itself, and prevent cell death.

This virus may also have an unhealthy relationship with other pathogenic bacteria. Epstein-Barr can make other bacteria more virulent and vice-versa One article explores how oral EBV can disable local defenses which can lead to more aggressive symptoms from pathogenic bacteria. What can help you fight an antiviral resistant, bacteria collaborating, and intracellular manipulating Epstein-Barr infection?

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Here are three methods for stopping a run away Epstein-Barr infection Fortunately, there are three remedies and treatments that can help to overcome an out-of-control EBV infection: liposomal antiviral herbs, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and laser delivered antiviral remedies. These methods help to fight antiviral resistant EBV infections and penetrate into cells and reservoirs where the viruses are hiding. Using liposomal herbal remedies which contain turmeric, curcumin, ginger, galanga, or artemisia have been effective at reducing inflammation, swollen lymph glands, and elevated liver enzymes in Lyme disease patients that have EBV.

In addition to liposomal herbs, Frequency Specific Microcurrent can help relieve an Epstein Barr infection. Strategy 2 Antiviral Frequency Specific Microcurrent Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses millionth of an amp electrical currents to reduce viral infections, toxicity, and inflammation. Frequencies for reducing viruses, toxins, inflammation, and promoting healing are combined with frequencies to target viruses hiding inside organs like the liver, spleen, and the brain.

This method can also direct antiviral frequencies into tissues where EBV infections reside like the mucus membranes, mouth, meninges, tonsils, and bone marrow. Homeopathic remedies can also help to target an Epstein Barr infection. Strategy 3 Antiviral Homeopathic Remedies Epstein Barr Virus Series Remedies use increasing strength homeopathic medicines to target different hiding places in the body.

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In the beginning, a patient will start with the lowest strength remedy. Over the course of a month, they will take increasing strength remedies to target deeper and deeper levels where EBV is entrenched in the body.

Usually patients have one or more Herxheimer reaction in response the remedy they just took. Another way to help relieve EBV symptoms is through laser delivered remedies. The laser is able to deliver the frequency of the remedy into the nervous system and other hiding places where the Epstein Barr virus has accumulated.

Using multiple remedies and treatment can help to fight off a troublesome EBV infection. A combination of treatments and remedies can help to fight a stealthy EBV infection Just like cutting down a mass of overgrown kudzu vines, anti-EBV liposomal herbs, frequencies, and homeopathic remedies have help reduce recurring symptoms of fatigue, pain and inflammation in the liver, spleen, and nervous system.

Since some of these methods have contraindications or cautions or may produce Herxheimer reactions, work with a Lyme literate herbalist to develop a safe and effective strategy for your EBV infection.

Mixing up Buhner and Cowden protocols

Do you have experiences where treatment or remedies that helped you to reduce or eliminate Epstein Barr Virus symptoms? Tell us about it. Bennet, J.

cowden protocol for ebv

Choen, J. Ascherio A, Munger KL. Epstein-barr virus infection and multiple sclerosis: a review.

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